Adult Art Programs

3 Art Programs

You will be led through a curriculum designed for adult learners, who like you, want to grow artistically. We welcome you regardless of your previous training or ability. In our inclusive studio we celebrate different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds to establish an environment that delivers quality results and authentic connections.

Thriving Artist Certificate Program

Have You Always Wanted to Become an Artist?

So many of us enjoyed art when we were in school, but were persuaded to follow other academic and career options that were perceived as “safe” or “sensible.” If you now feel ready to embrace your own creativity and awaken your inner artist, Davis Studio’s Thriving Artist Certificate Program is designed with you in mind. This program is an exciting alternative to returning to art school or enrolling in a university level program. You’ll see your skills increase dramatically. Your new found art practice will provide you with a fresh outlook and a deep sense of satisfaction in a way few other things can.

Enhance Your Lifestyle

Your art classes will fit your schedule and will soon become the highlights of your week. Making art with others while in a room filled with creative energy is likely the perfect remedy for refreshing your spirit. The atmosphere is incredibly positive and up-lifting. Classes meet weekly for just two hours each, and are offered at a variety of convenient times, including daytime, evenings and weekends.

Achieve Your Artistic Goals

You will receive a Drawing Certificate once you complete all six classes we offer in the Drawing Program. You can do the same with our Painting and Fused Glass programs. Enhanced Certificates will be awarded to those who complete all three programs or who complete three years in any one program. If you choose to remain in the same program for multiple years, your individualized level of challenge and expertise will be increased each subsequent year.

Want to Learn More?

We encourage you to take your first steps by signing up for one of the classes offered at Davis Studio. There is no additional cost to receive your Thriving Artist Certificate, beyond your typical class and materials fees. It is a way to help you set goals and to honor your commitment to your artistic journey. Your instructor will be more than happy to help you develop an individualized plan for receiving your certificate of completion. For more details reach out directly to your instructor or contact us at .