Adult Drawing Program

Why Start with Drawing?

Drawing is considered the foundation of all art. You no doubt drew pictures and symbols long before you learned to write. You may have stopped drawing somewhere along the way, but that urge to draw is always there. Drawing is one of the most powerful tools you have to develop a creative mindset.

What Will Drawing Do for You?

Drawing allows you to slow down, be patient, and pay attention. Much like meditation, drawing helps calm your mind. A practice of observation, inquiry, and steady effort are healthy for you in so many ways. Even if you are a beginner, you can make rapid progress and feel a deep sense of accomplishment.

What Will You Receive?

You will receive individualized support in a group setting, with just the right balance of  technique-building and creative freedom. With the support of our nurturing instructors, you will develop the skills to reach your individual goals; to render with accuracy and to express your original ideas.