Adult Glass Program

Beautiful Results from the Start

While it may at first seem intimidating, one of the best things about working with fused glass is the exciting results you can achieve with your very first project. Our instructors give you all the support you need for success.

An Ancient Art Form

Kiln formed and glass fusing techniques have been with us for nearly five thousand years with evidence of early examples found in Syria, Palestine, and Egypt. The Romans used glass fusing as their primary glass-working method. You will use modern tools and techniques to explore the beautiful artform.

Incredible Variety

Fusing glass is a wonderful way to express your creativity. The variety of materials, colors, techniques and projects will allow for endless possibilities.

What Will You Receive?

Our instructors will give you individualized support in a group setting, providing just the right balance of technique-building and creative freedom. You will develop the skills to reach your individual goals and to express your original ideas.

A Note About Fused Glass:

The medium of fused glass involves working with a variety of glass hand tools and electric power tools. The studio is located on two floors. Students should be comfortable standing or sitting for periods of time. The use of hand and power tools to cut and grind glass requires moderate hand strength and a firm hand for gripping, squeezing, and manipulating glass. If you are concerned about your ability to participate safely and comfortably in the class, please contact Micaela Wallace to discuss before registering. Micaela’s email is