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Painting the Natural World

Paint Compelling Portraits

Paint Dynamic Figures

The Freedom of Abstract

Painting Animal Life

Paint Your Wildest Dreams


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Drawing & Painting

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Enhance Your Life Through Painting
Painting can empower you with a sense of purpose. It is proven to improve mental health and emotional well-being. Making art is one of the most hopeful things you can do to improve your outlook about the future. 

No More Fear of the Blank Canvas
If you have ever had “painter’s block” you are not alone. We all avoid what we fear and many of us are afraid that our painting won’t measure up to our vision. Painting, as part of a group and with the encouragement of a supportive instructor, helps conquer this common problem. 

What Will You Receive?
Our instructors will give you individualized support in a group setting, providing just the right balance of technique-building and creative freedom. You will develop the skills to reach your individual goals and to express your original ideas.