Creative Path Drawing Program

Imagine your child beaming with pride as they share their remarkable artwork. Cultivating your child’s creative potential opens up a world of possibilities.

If your child is a creative thinker who loves to draw and is highly motivated to learn new skills you are in the right place. We can’t wait to welcome you to our artistic community.

Creative Path is an academic year program that runs from September – May. Classes meet for two hours, once per week. We welcome new students at the beginning of each month if space is available. We must receive 45 days notice to withdraw from the program. To get the most out of this program, we highly recommend students attend for the full academic year. Students who attend multiple years will grow into artists with exceptional technical ability.

New students may join at any age, regardless of current artistic training or ability. They will be enrolled at their grade level. 

Step 1

Grades K–1
Creative Connections

Step 2

Grades 2–3

Step 3

Grades 4–5

Step 4

Grades 6–7

Step 5

Grades 8–9


Pricing & Schedule

Why Emphasize Drawing?

Drawing is one of the strongest tools to develop a creative mindset. Learning to draw feeds a child’s curiosity and boosts their confidence.

A Lifelong Love of the Arts

Students gain an understanding of well-known and contemporary artists, cultures and eras. They learn visual thinking strategies for reflection
and discussion, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of art.

What will My Child Receive?

Our instructors provide individualized support in a group setting, with just the right balance of technique-building and creative freedom.
Students develop the skills to reach their individual goals and express original ideas.

Students will also receive an Art Materials Kit with the following:

  • A beautiful wooden art kit
  • High quality materials for drawing, painting & illustration
  • A presentation portfolio for documenting and archiving work
  • A professional quality sketchbook