Davis Community School

Building Curiosity, Confidence & Creativity

Explore Davis Community School’s refreshing approach to learning and discover a nurturing educational home for your child.

Davis Community School is a private elementary school offering holistic education infused with social emotional learning, art and outdoor experiences. Your child will learn and grow in our multi-age classrooms for students in grades K – 5.

Our hours are 8:15 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. The school year runs for 36 weeks, beginning in September and ending in June. We follow the South Burlington School District calendar in regard to most vacation breaks and snow days. Aftercare is available 2:45–5:15 p.m.

The Joy of Learning

Your child will be welcomed into a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where they can thrive. Our emphasis is on the joy of learning that is abundant in every child. Our school community is open and affirming. We are committed to honoring and celebrating the unique qualities of your child.

Academic & Artistic Foundations

Strong academic foundations in literacy, math, science and social studies are enhanced by the vitality of the arts, including drawing, painting, music, movement and drama. Your child will be viewed by our teachers as curious, capable, and full of imagination. We’ll encourage your child to think, question, investigate, and explore, in order to effectively navigate their personal journey of lifelong learning.

World Language

Your child will learn a world language beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through all grade levels. Exposure to a second language has a multitude of benefits including enhanced critical-thinking skills, mental flexibility, and increased curiosity. We will enhance language study with world culture to encourage deeper appreciation for cultures around the world.

Forest Days

Outdoor education will be a significant part of your child’s school day. We typically spend an hour outdoors every day in all seasons. Additionally, we partner with a variety of local organizations to provide numerous off-campus forest days throughout the school year. 

“There’s nowhere like Davis Community School. Every child’s interests are harnessed and they are supported to become the best versions of themselves. DCS reaches the whole child and it shows on the students’ faces.”

Parent of a 3rd grader