Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed the most commonly asked questions here, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, please email us with your question and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

General Questions

Where are you located?

Davis Studio is located at 916 Shelburne Road in South Burlington, VT.  Find detailed directions to all of our businesses (Davis Studio & Gallery, Davis Community School, Davis Studio Preschool, and Starving Artist Café) here.

Where can I park?

We have a parking lot with ample parking.  Please don’t park in the “Tenant Parking” area in back of the building.  There is an additional parking lot just north of our studio, where Pizza Hut was previously located, that frequently has space available.

What should I wear to class or camp?

If the class you are taking includes painting, or other potentially messy materials, please remember to wear (or bring) clothes that could get permanently stained with paint. Acrylic paint looks great on a canvas but it does not wash out of clothing. Even though we provide smocks, stains may still occur. This is particularly important for those of you registering for children’s classes. For most of the adult classes, a smock will be sufficient.

If your child is attending one of our camps, we recommend that they wear or bring good walking shoes and appropriate gear for the weather conditions as we almost always walk to a nearby park after lunch.

If you are taking any of our fused glass classes, please do not wear sandals or open-toed shoes.

My child has an allergy. Can you accommodate for this?

It is very important that you make us aware of any allergy that a student may have. Include this information on your emergency form.  If your child has a life-threatening food allergy you must provide an Epi-pen and alert the instructor when you drop off your child.

We are a peanut free and tree nut free facility so all students must refrain from bringing peanuts or products made with peanuts into the studio. 

Payment, Registration & Cancellation Questions

I am (or my child is) ill and can't come to class. What can we do about making this class up?

Please respect other students by staying home from class when you are ill. Please be aware that we are unable to issue refunds for partial classes.

I have a paper gift certificate for Davis Studio. Can I use this online while registering for a class?

If you have a paper gift certificate with us, please check to see if there is a number on it. The number would be something like ARTABC-012345. If your paper gift certificate has a number, you can place your order directly on our website. Enter this number as a Discount during checkout, click on “apply” and the gift certificate amount will automatically be deducted from your order.

It your paper gift certificate does not have a number on it, you will need to register by mail. Please send us your original gift certificate, a check for the balance of the class, and the following completed forms:

Your registration is NOT guaranteed until we receive your completed online registration and the full payment. We will contact you to confirm your enrollment when we have received this information and verified that there are still openings in the class. We are sorry, but we cannot hold a spot for you in any class until we have received all the required information and payment.

I think I have a credit with you from a previous class or camp. Can I use this online while registering for a class?

If you have a credit with us, please call or email us so we can verify the credit amount. We will give you instructions on exactly how to register for a class or camp, using your credit, at that time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Class or camp fees are non-refundable. However, fees may be transferred in full to a future class or camp if a written request (e-mail) is received 14 days prior to the start of the class or camp from which you are withdrawing. If we have fewer than 14 days’ notice the credit will be minus 25% the cost of your class or camp. Cancellations within 48 hours of a class, camp or workshop are non-refundable/non-transferable.  We often turn away students and a last minute cancellation prevents us from filing the spot. Please be advised that multiple transfers may incur additional fees. 

Can I pay by check?

You may absolutely pay by check! Please note, however, that our classes fill up quickly, and your spot will not be reserved until we have received your check, completed registration form, and emergency form. When you reserve your spot(s) and pay on our website, you will receive an immediate confirmation of your place in the class. When paying by check, it is possible that the class you want to take, will fill up before we receive your payment.

If you are sending us a check, please be sure to send us the following completed forms with your check:

If we receive your payment without these forms, we are unable to hold your space in the class(es). Thanks for understanding!

Summer Camp Questions

What should my child bring to camp?

Please provide a packed lunch, a snack & a drink. **Do not bring any peanuts, peanut butter or peanut products into the studio as we have students and staff with severe, life-threatening allergies who frequently attend the studio.**

If your child has an allergy that requires an Epi-pen, (s)he cannot attend camp without it. The Epi-pen will need to be given to the instructor on the first day or upon arrival each morning.

Do you have aftercare available for your summer camps?

Yes, we do! We provide aftercare for your children in our summer camps from 3:00 – 5:30 pm for $20 a day. If you know you will be needing aftercare, please reserve it here when you register for camps. If you aren’t sure if you’ll need aftercare when you register for the camp, please talk to the registration person at check in or the instructor at the beginning of your camp session to arrange and pay for it then.

What if I need to reach my child during the day while (s)he is attending camp?

You may call Davis Studio (802) 425-2700, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. If you do not speak to a live person, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.  You may also e-mail us at E-mail is often the quickest and most efficient way to get in touch with us.

Other Questions

Do you need volunteers?

Davis Studio welcomes adults and teens to volunteer in our studio for different programs & activities. Please fill out our Volunteer Application Form and we’ll be in touch when & if we need volunteers!