Davis Community School

Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity

Welcome to Davis Community School.  We encourage you to explore our refreshing approach to learning and discover if we are the right educational home for your child. At Davis Community School your child will be welcomed into a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where they can thrive, while learning naturally and joyfully.

Strong academic foundations in literacy, math, science and social studies are enhanced by the vitality of the arts, including drawing, painting, music, movement and drama. Every child is viewed as curious, capable, and full of imagination. We empower children to think, question, investigate, and explore, in order to effectively navigate their personal journey of lifelong learning. Our students learn to speak both French and Spanish beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through all grade levels. We value outdoor education and encourage environmental stewardship.

Davis Studio has been part of the arts and education community in Vermont since 2003. Davis Community School was founded in January 2019 and currently consists of one mixed age classroom with students in grades K, 1, and 2.

We are actively exploring expanding to include third grade and possibly through grade 5 or 6 by next fall. In order to do this, a building on the Davis Studio campus will be renovated over the summer of 2019, enabling us to provide two mixed-aged classrooms. If you are interested in being part of an informational planning meeting as we move forward, or if you’d like to have a personal conversation, please contact us at 802-425-2700 or  submit On-line Inquiry

Rather than teaching to “the test,” our focus is on teaching to the joy of learning that is abundant in virtually every child.



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