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Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

Note: Anticipated State Funding amount for school year 2017-2018 = $3185. Tuition will be adjusted if this amount is different by more than $10.  You may then complete the required form(s) from the school district where your family resides. (Available on your school district’s website.)

Payment Schedule

Note: Children who are not yet three years old by 9/1/17 or who do not attend a minimum of ten hours per week are not eligible for state funding.

Davis Studio Preschool may at its discretion consider a younger sibling of a currently enrolled student for admission. This is a decision made on a case by case basis and is not necessarily guaranteed. When possible we want to support families by making an effort to keep siblings at the same preschool.

Act 166 Funding

We are a 3 STAR rated, pre-qualified pre-k program, eligible for act 166 funding. We will apply tuition credits to qualifying participants upon receiving this status. The school districts will only pay from the date your paperwork is complete so please note that you are responsible for the total tuition or monthly payment should your child start school before your paperwork has been submitted.

Withdrawal Policy

A 30 day written notice is required, if, for any reason, you withdraw your child from the Davis Studio Preschool. You will be financially responsible for that 30 day period, as well as any other tuition or fees owed, whether or not your child attends school during that time.

Attendance Policy

If your child is absent for an extended period, the school district may not provide funding for those missed weeks. Should this be the case, you are responsible for the unfunded amount in addition to any tuition and fees due for that period in order for your child to remain enrolled.

Late Payment Fees

If an electronic bank payment is rejected for any reason, you will receive a notice to that effect and a $25 late charge will be applied.

Late Pick Up Fees

Our instructors and staff plan their schedules with an expectation of an on-time pick up. If you arrive late, you will be billed $5.00 for every 5 minutes you are late. A consistent pattern of late pick-ups could result in dismissal from the program.