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Here are some reviews of our classes and camps. There are also many reviews on FindandGoSeek.net.

    Art Classes
    • "I was struck by how positive the students were in your class and how sincerely they complimented one another's paintings. It was a wonderful experience for our son to explore art in such a nurturing place." - Parent of 7 year old 
    • "You have such a warm and encouraging approach to teaching. And the output from the kids is always amazing and unique. This is our third year and we'll keep coming back." - Parent of 8 year old 
    • "These classes are so much more than “child care. The experiences here foster a lifelong interest in the arts." - Parent of 11 year old 
    • Supportive atmosphere that promotes creativity and growth. Thanks!” - Parent of 14 year old
    • "Look no further for a vast variety of art programs to nurture every artist within. High quality instruction and materials set in a light filled and state of the art studio centrally located for easy access. Find top notch teachers to nurture your kid's creativity. There is something for everyone young and old, traditionally schooled or home-schooled all week long!"

      Summer Art Camp

      • I am amazed at what could be accomplished in one week. The camp was structured, yet allowed freedom for the kids to be creative, innovative and have fun!” - Parent of 12 year old  
      • My daughter,  has participated in fashion design camp for the past two years.  After the first summer, she was hooked!  She made sure it was the first camp I enrolled her in last year and again this year.  She loves the experience of sewing and creating with your amazing staff.  This year she insisted I add a week of digital photography after watching the campers last year.  Thanks so much for inspiring creativity and creating such an enriching experience for these children.  Wish we lived closer and could participate throughout the school year.  
        Much appreciation!  
      • Davis Studio creates an environment in which each child blossoms personally and artistically. Our daughter was just beaming at her artists’ reception. Being able to celebrate each artist’s work and accomplishments with friends and family was such a lovely culmination to the camp week.” - Parent of 6 year old 
      • Thanks for e-mailing the heads up about the camps. Planning for the summer is about the farthest thing from my mind right now (February), but when I asked the kids at breakfast if they wanted to do another of your camps they leapt off their stools, yelled "YES!!" and did a little dance. So, I'm looking for a camp with two slots for my girls.” - Parent of 6 and 7 year olds 
      • My daughter had a wonderful experience at art camp. She felt such a sense of accomplishment and gained in self-confidence. She was given just the right amount of guidance to support her own creative ideas. Camp helped bring out her passion for art. We love having her beautiful paintings displayed in our home.” - Parent of 10 year old
      • To say our son enjoyed your camp would be a great understatement. He hung his paintings with care all over the house as soon as he got home. He then directed several projects with his sister, including a sand painting (thank goodness I had some sand lying around). As he fell asleep last night, he told me that he felt famous at the art show. He converted our garage into an art studio this morning - he wanted to start at 6 am, but we persuaded him to wait until 7:30. He was disappointed that we couldn’t make it look like your studio, but is willing to suffer for his art and so has accepted the limitations of the garage. You did such a great job at your camp; it was heartwarming to see how proud all the kids were of their art – and they were rightly so, because it was all beautiful. I am sure we’ll be seeing you in the fall.” - Parent of 5 year old 
      • Teresa Davis’ art studio offers a wide variety of unique, fun and interesting camps. Our kids have been attending for three years and look forward to it each year. Teresa brings out the best there is in every budding artist. Her upbeat and positive attitude encourage the children to be proud of their talents and to enjoy the world of art.” - Parent of 13 and 11 year olds
        Summer Theater Camp
        • "This theater camp was one of the finest and most fun camps in which my daughters have participated. The week ends with the children knowing how to put on a production from the invitations, painting backdrops, making props and costumes to the actual performance. I would enthusiastically recommend this camp! Your children will be well taken care of, educated, and come away with new friendships." - Parent of 9 year old 
        • "My daughter has always been quiet and shy. She took a few art classes at Davis Studio and then decided to give theater camp a try. She was given a few small parts, and helped with making the set and the costumes. She was completely entertained, loved performing and felt comfortable in a friendly and accepting atmosphere." - Parent of 8 year old 
        • "We were so impressed with how friendly, caring and professional the Davis Studio staff are with the children at theater camp. Our son had such a wonderful time learning the process in creating a production. Most importantly he was encouraged to express himself through acting which he loves deeply. It is amazing that they can put together such a great play in only a week. We can't wait to come back again." - Parent of 7 year old
        Summer Fairies and Fairy Houses Camp
        • "This camp is what every child who has ever dreamed of the world of fairies could hope to be a part of." - Parent of 7 year old 
        • "Fairies and Fairy Houses camp was a magical week of fairy fun building a village, creating a gown, magic wand and wreath. It was a wonderful, imaginative, creative and beautiful experience for our daughter." - Parent of 8 year old 
        Summer Fashion Camp
        • "The Fashion Design camp exceeded both my expectations and my daughter's. The girls hit the ground running on Monday morning and thoroughly enjoyed the entire week." - Parent of 11 year old 
        • "The students had just the right amount of freedom. There were plenty of well-structured activities to engage and teach the girls about clothing design and sewing production but also room for them to make decisions and use their own creative judgments. Terrific camp!" - Parent of 10 year old 
        • "This camp was really fun because I made friends and got to design, sew and model what I made. It was a challenge, and that is what made it fun. Keep doing the purses - they were my favorite." - Camper, age 11 
        • "During this camp I loved altering old clothing and making it my own. I also loved designing different outfits to put in my portfolio. This camp is a great place to express your fashion art." - Camper, age 13
        • "What a wonderful, creative, confidence-building experience." - Parent of a 12 year old
        Summer Nature Camp
        • "This camp was so much fun! I wish I had I camp like this when I was young. The teachers provide just enough instruction to allow the children to learn but not so much that their creativity is limited.
          - Parent of 11, 9 and 7 year olds
        • "This is a wonderful art camp with a supportive community feel. The campers were able to create fabulous art and to enjoy Vermont and all it's natural beauty." - Parent of 9 year old 
        • "The girls loved camp! Every day they came home excited about their projects. They created such beautiful expressions of themselves through their art." - Parent of 9 & 7 year olds 
        Summer Game Design Camp
        • "This camp was really great because we got to design whatever kind of game we wanted. We got cool boards and boxes that looked like real games when we were done. We also got to pick out playing pieces and dice and other stuff. My game is fun to play and the other kids games were too." - Camper, age 11 
        • "What an imaginative way to connect art and design to games - an activity that children love. I was impressed at how professional the games all looked when they were completed. Attending the designers fair was a great experience because each child's game was so unique. It was a pleasure talking to each child about his or her game and how it worked. I know we'll be playing my son’s game at home." - Parent of 12 year old
          Birthday Parties at Davis Studio
          • "Just wanted to say thank you for making the party on Saturday fabulous! You were so great with the kids and they had the best time. I enjoyed not having to do all of the running around! Many thanks!" - A
          • "Oh my, we had so much fun! The paintings were so adorable I wanted to keep them ALL. Thanks! We will be back! My daughter has already started talking about her next birthday at Davis Studio." - Parent of new 7 year old.