Preschool: Our Program

Arts Rich & Play-Based

Children are natural artists, scientists and explorers, curious about the world around them. Davis Studio Preschool offers a unique arts-rich, play-based program designed for joyful, authentic and meaningful experiences.

Fostering Creativity

Arts-based learning stimulates imagination, encourages engagement and fosters creativity. Your child will try new things, increase in competence and gain confidence as they grow and develop.

Cultivating Curiosity

Our approach is inspired by Reggio Emilia. We support children as inquisitive learners who are deeply curious and capable. Experiences are planned to spark creativity, thinking and reflecting. Teachers develop emergent curriculum, respond to and encourage the ever-changing interests of the students. Our goal is to ignite your child’s sense of wonder about the world and their place within it.

Partnering with Parents

We strive to establish strong connections and clear communication with parents in a number of ways including: twice annual parent teacher conferences, regular classroom blog posts, social events and parent workshops.

Quality Instruction

We maintain an average ratio of one adult to every five children. Our teachers exude patience, kindness, enthusiasm, creativity and a genuine love of children. They are experienced professionals who will provide abundant opportunities for your child, including social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative development. We see children as unique individuals and respect and respond to their individual needs.

Purposeful Environment

Our space is light-filled and inviting. The classroom is set up to encourage your child’s independence, while facilitating and challenging their thinking. Carefully planned centers are provided for developmentally appropriate exploration.

Engaging Activities

During Explore Time children might paint, sculpt with clay, make prints, tinker, experiment at the sand and water table, build with blocks, act out a story with puppets, bake with a teacher or care for the classroom by watering plants and sweeping.

Our Community Circle may include activities such as music, dance, yoga, a variety of children’s literature, foreign language exposure, science explorations, math games or a visitor sharing an interesting object or experience. Outdoor Time becomes an extension of our classroom to provide opportunities for movement, discovery, play and investigation of the natural world. All activities are designed to allow children to build confidence and challenge their emerging abilities.

Building a Community Social

Skill development is of utmost importance during the preschool years. Clear communication, listening and cooperation are modeled, encouraged and supported. Social skills developed during early childhood will sustain and enrich your child throughout their life and support them in developing heart-felt values, such as empathy and respect for one another.


A nutritious snack “spuntino” will be provided daily. Eating together offers a special opportunity to build community and cultivate healthy habits. Mealtime is not just for providing necessary energy but is a social activity, nourishing body, mind and spirit. A varied menu will provide new smells, textures and tastes. Children will help set the table and experience a European-style shared mealtime including silverware and cloth napkins, where good manners, conversation, and laughter will be modeled and encouraged.

Note: We have a peanut and tree nut free policy. If your child has other allergies or nutritional needs, please let us know.