Glass: Form & Function: Intermediate

Classes will resume Spring 2025. 

Take your functional glasswork to the next level and step outside your comfort zone to create sculptural glass pieces! 

In this intermediate class, we will start off thinking big picture by creating a dishware set with a consistent matching component that is visually appealing when stacked. Using multiple kiln firings you will create centerpieces with subtle textures. Incorporate tasteful designs using enamels, etching, powders, or sandblasting. Experiment making functional (and non-functional) pieces that include small cast pieces created using the freeze and fuse method. Utilize thick fiber paper pieces to “carve” into the glass, creating recessed area. Try advanced techniques for creating unique edges on a bowl, and learn tricks for achieving good results when slumping into deep form molds.  

This Intermediate level course will require that you have taken a Beginner level Davis Studio fused glass class and that you are comfortable with basic glass fusing including hand tools and cold-working equipment.

In-Class Materials fee: The cost of materials will depend on the size of your project and ranges between $30-$100 total for all class projects. We will use the credit card you have on file. No card info, checks or cash taken at class.