Intuitive Painting, monthly on Fridays


2.5 hour workshop  (multiple options)
Winter & Spring 2020: Fridays  – Please carefully select the date. 
Enroll February 7  or
Enroll March 6  or
Enroll April 3  or
Enroll May 1
Time: 9–11:30 a.m.
Location: 916 Shelburne Road
Instructors: Kristen Watson

In this class you’ll learn a new approach to painting developed at River Gallery School in Brattleboro, by Ric Campman. Sequencing is a hands-on, intuitive approach that allows beginners and more experienced artists to enter the process of painting without the common feelings of self-doubt, technical inadequacy, or uncertainty.

Studio time will begin with quiet meditation after which you’ll move into your work at your own pace with a spirit of simplicity and a beginner’s mind along with guidance and support from certified Sequencing Instructor Kristen M. Watson.  Sequencing values process over outcome and the focus is on awareness of and joy in color, light, and the physical encounter with the paint. This workshop is particularly suited to new artists and those who want to let go of habits that do not serve them in favor of more joyful and childlike art making.