Preschool: Extended Program -Payment

$ 207.00

Enrollment is only open to students enrolled in the 2019/20 Preschool program.

If you would like your child to stay for the Preschool Extended day, until 5:30 pm,  starting Sept. 3, 2019 please carefully select the day from the pull down menu and click "enroll now".  This is a Semester long commitment.  

(Note: your student MUST be enrolled in the morning preschool day to attend the extended hours.)

If you would like to select multiple days,  select the first day and click on "enroll now".  To add additional items: click on the item in your shopping cart or hit back arrow bring you back to the listing  and select additional day(s). "Continue Shopping" will not bring you directly back to the sign-up. 

You will not be able to add a day that has filled. 
Please sign up for the wait list  if you are not able to select the days you are interested in.  We will notify you immediately, should a spot open up!

We will not be able to offer extended day on any day with less than 5 students registered. 

Act 166 funding only covers for 10 hours of preschool per week.  Any additional hours would be at the rate of our regular tuition.  

The deposit = fee for first month's enrollment in the extended day program.

1 day extended per week = $207/month for 3-5 year olds

1 day extended per week = $234/month for kids under 3 on 9/1/19

You will receive a confirmation of payment email once you have completed enrollment.  However, registration links will NOT be sent due to your students already being registered in the 2019-20 School Year.