Strength in Numbers Art

$ 150.00

Davis Studio Gallery

May 2019 features:

Artist: Strength in Numbers

Opening Receptions:  Sunday, May 5th from 4-6 pm  

Strength in Numbers is a group of Vermont art educators who meet regularly to support each other in our art making. The group was formed in 2012 out of our frustrations that we were not finding the time and space to make our own art within the demands of our teaching responsibilities.  Coming together as a group gives us the incentive, encouragement, and purpose to create our own art. 

Members participating in this exhibit include Dorsey Hogg, Carol Crosby, Jenn Hart, Barb Crandall, Dee Christie, Alice Tragesar, Ann Joppe-Mercure, MC Baker, Kimberly Desjardins, Sara Wolfson, Krista Verriotto, and Dodi Gomez. 

(To view individual pieces select from the pulldown menu.  Available images will appear with titles.)

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