Watercolor - Painting Clouds & Stormy Skies

$ 75.00

1 day Workshop
Date:  Fall 2018: 
   *  Saturday, October 27
Time: 8:30 am 12:30 pm
Location: 916 Shelburne Road, South Burlington
Instructor:  Lynn Cummings

Do you typically paint only blue skies or make your skies too light? Learn to see other colors in skies and find out how to use them. Discover various ways for painting clouds and stormy skies. Join us for this short workshop where we concentrate on making your skies more interesting, intense and colorful.

No previous experience necessary. 

Note about materials: You can bring your own materials, or purchase a kit from the instructor. Please send us an email at info@davisstudiovt.com to indicate which option you prefer so we can prepare accordingly.
Bring your own materials
Palette & Paints: If you have professional quality paints, bring a large palette with 10 or more colors.
Brushes: 2 - 3 Round brushes with good point in sizes 10 or 12 and 18 or 20, flat brushes in size 1/2 inch or larger and a rigger brush. If you have other brushes, bring them and see how they work before purchasing more.