Writing Connections - Spring 2017

$ 540.00

If you are interested in joining this class in progress please email us to discuss options.

(grades 5 - 9)
Spring 2017 

18 week Semester-long class (Jan - May)
Dates: Thursdays

  *  Full Day 9:00 am - 3:00 pm or
  *  Half Day 9:00 am - 12 noon
Location: 916 Shelburne Road, South Burlington
Instructors: Teresa Davis & Lydia Littwin

Students will experience a number of writing opportunities connected to their individualized interests. The projects will frequently be tied to the themes we are studying in the Art & Academic Enrichment program. We will read and discuss many genres of literature including fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, comedy, poetry, short stories, and graphic novels. In addition, we'll explore broader connections to geography, culture, science, art and history.

Our focus will be on developing dynamic writing skills in a variety of interesting and engaging ways. Students will be encouraged to research specific topics of their own choosing. Each 5 week session will culminate in final projects to be presented. Our presentations will sometimes be in traditional forms such as an essay or research paper. We will also use the writing we've completed to create presentations in a variety of creative forms such as oral presentation, power point, newspaper, newscast video, mini-documentary, or debate format. We will follow the interests of the students and will may end up publishing a collection of short pieces or supporting each student in writing a chapter book or beginning a novel. Much of the work for this class will be completed during class time, however there will be work outside of class at times. While writing is emphasized, some art experiences will also be woven throughout this class.

Note: If a student choses to come for the morning only, we will be doing much of our writing during this part of the day. Students who stay for the full day will have additional opportunities for writing and art along with deeper exploration and discussion of reading material.


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